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This book will shatter the foundation of everything you once believed to be true about proper nutrition.

ABOUT THE BOOK: A Silent Cure in my Back Yard

Do you know someone affected by cancer? Even if you don’t, lets face it, healthy people who exercise and eat right aren’t supposed to be tired at 3:00 in the afternoon. There is a secret, and mainstream America has been left in the dark by some of the most powerful and profitable enterprises in our nation. Not surprisingly, the wealthiest and most elite already know this, but the rest of us hard working, tax paying citizens are woefully unaware of something so simple, yet so provocative it will shatter the foundation of everything you once believed to be true about proper nutrition.

The bottom line…the highest governing bodies in our country don’t want average, college educated people to know about? Only between 5 and 10% of all types of cancer is genetic. The book will break down the science behind the claim, and show you why U.S. Healthcare spending is the highest it’s ever been; it will show you why the American population is fatter and sicker than ever before in the history of the world! Lets face it, regular people don’t comb through scientific research, but the research is out there. We simply live in a culture where people go to work because it’s their job and not because it’s their passion. The media reports to break a story rather than getting all their facts right, and medical practitioners diagnose, order tests, and prescribe powerful pharmaceutical meds within 10 minutes of meeting you rather than carefully reviewing a lifetime of factors that potentially contribute to your condition. Want to know how we can end world hunger 10 times over? Hmm. Thats right. 10 times over.


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It’s a fact, according to the National Center for Biotechnology, only between 5 and 10% of all cancers and cardiovascular diseases in the United States are hereditary. It’s time to give up the foods that come in a package and move toward whole foods, plant-based foods to truly nourish your body and sustain your soul. The book will show you the secret to longevity…and potentially answer the age old question: why do some people die at the age of 57 and others live to be 100? It will guide you through years of empirical evidence that illustrates how the cure for most cancers and cardiovascular diseases already exists and how to find it…literally…in your own back yard.

The story in the book is the foundation of why our non-profit was formed. From the day it was published, it has been used as the primary tool to educate, inform, and inspire our local community to make better choices about what they eat, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Now the book serves to not only inspire people to live healthier, but to motivate them to participate in physical fitness activities, attend healthy cooking demonstrations, and educate the next generation about what leading a healthy lifestyle really means. The forthcoming children’s book will help serve as a way for not only adults, but entire families to take part in the rise of a happier, healthier generation.

The book, A Silent Cure in my Back Yard, is available now in both kindle and paperback, click here to order yours, or you can get it through all major booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


The children’s book specifically focus’ on eating whole, plant-based foods, and it’s written in rhyming verse so that kid’s enjoy learning more about where their food comes from. It represents a way for families to become more educated on how they can live healthier, happier lives simply by learning about the connections between nutrition and disease. For more information and to buy the children’s book, click here!

Kate Murray

Kate Murray has a passion for educating people about how overall wellness is deeply rooted in proper nutrition.

Kate Murray


Kate Murray is an avid runner and has a passion for educating people about how overall wellness is deeply rooted in proper nutrition. She was practically raised in her mother’s kitchen, but it wasn’t until she became a mother herself that she realized Americans have such widely varied understandings about what healthy eating really means.

Kate is passionate about being an advocate for healthy lifestyle initiatives as well as the continuous pursuit to educate people about how overall wellness is deeply rooted in proper nutrition. Kate’s education includes a master’s of business administration, a bachelor’s in communication, Project Management Certification PMP® and a post-graduate certificate in plant-based nutrition. She is also the owner of Vogue Media; established in 2006, Vogue Media is a boutique digital design and marketing agency located in Shillington, PA. Prior to that, Kate served as Chief Marketing Officer of Criterion BioScience, LLC, a non-profit company dedicated to truth in science, (New York, NY), as well as Vice President and Supervisory Principal of Marketing and Compliance at Wells Fargo’s Eastern Regional Office (formerly Wachovia).

Kate was one of the founding members of My Gut Instinct, Inc. – a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in Reading, PA and served from 2012 until 2015 in that capacity; she is also the founder of A Silent Cure in my Back Yard, her own 501(c)3 dedicated to educating the community about health and wellness. She is available on a limited basis for lectures, keynote presentations, and workshops about plant-based nutrition. Laugh, cry, and be truly inspired by how this book will shatter the foundation of everything you once believed to be true about proper nutrition.