I read A Silent Cure in my Back Yard with a bit of skepticism. As a practicing healthcare attorney for 27 years and counsel to various medical societies, I have been surrounded by issues involving treatment of the most debilitating illnesses and have worked with thought leaders in the fields of medicine. But after reading her book, I must say Kate Murray has opened my eyes and hit upon a proactive, common sense nutritional approach to many issues that plague our country including the pandemic issues of obesity and cancer. Read her book and have your eyes opened. It reads like a compelling detective novel only the culprits are the foods we ingest and of course the corporate machine. — Scott Einiger, Esq., New York, NY

The perfect blend of entertainment and instruction. — Erin Banco, International Journalist

A fascinating story that will fill your heart with a passion for better health. — Michelle Stout, Brecknock, PA

Valuable information that any person can use to improve their health…I couldn’t put it down. — Michael P. Butterworth, MP Butterworth & Associates, Reading, PA

An inspiring, incredibly well-researched journey to a healthy lifestyle. Kate offer’s a solution to America’s childhood obesity epidemic, and her Silent Cure teaches us that it is never too early or too late to begin a healthy nutrition/exercise program. — Dan Batz, Pasadena Elite Fitness, Pasadena, CA

Kate shares her very personal journey to a plant-based lifestyle in this hilariously funny, very honest, and eye-opening book. Sometimes I laughed, sometimes I cried, and sometimes I just poured myself a big glass of almond milk! — Rene Grove, Reading, PA

Kate’s book is a very much needed wealth of knowledge. In today’s world it get’s so confusing with what we should be eating. We are lied to and over advertised to on so many things that are actually harmful to us and our loved ones. We can easily become confused on the direction to turn. Kate educates us in a way we can all relate and understand. Her book touched me so deeply with where the motivation stemmed and you can feel the passion she has on teaching others how to make informed decisions and take control of their own health. I will be sharing this book with all my friends, family and clients. Thank you Kate for putting your heart and soul into this much needed book and inspiring us on keeping ourselves and loved ones healthy. — Jaime Meyer Walsh, Salt Lake City, UT