About Sarah Geraci

Sarah Geraci

The all-time, absolute, best things in my life happen when I get to combine all of my passions into one effort. My name is Sarah Geraci. I am an artist that also happens to love food and fitness. That’s why I’m grateful to be a part of the children’s book. The purpose behind the project excites me. I love fresh food; and wish more people craved an apple with peanut butter or creamy carrot soup than frozen pizza and french fries. I wish children thought strawberries in summer were a treat, not toaster pastries.

I was born and raised in the Garden State. I have a painting degree from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. I am a second generation career artist. This is an important fact. It’s easier to commit to be an artist when the inspiration and determination runs in the family.

I enjoy being an artist. I get to make all of my ideas reality. It’s hard work with a big reward. It feels like giving a gift each time people connect with my work. I belive that there is a very specific pride that works of art hold; that pride is shared between the artist and the owner.

In being an artist I believe that I am part of a special history. It’s not necessarily history like one learns in school, but it’s a history that says, “Here’s how this person beautifully documented what she experienced in her life. She loved it and wanted to share it with you, because she cares and she wanted you to know.”

My first memory of Art is when I was four, maybe five. My mom set up a still life in the garage for me to draw. In drawing the composition I had to never take my eyes off of the still life. I had to move my pencil, and attempt to draw what I was seeing, without looking at my work. It was challenging. The outcome looked nothing like the still life, I’m sure, but I was proud of it anyway. That was the first time I was turned-on by the realization that a masterpiece does not appear out of thin air. Someone worked to create it. I wanted to do that work. I have been painting, drawing, collaging, sewing, photographing, and writing ever since.

My main body of work consists of landscape paintings. I’m a big traveler, and I never step out the door without a camera. Most often, the composition ideas for my paintings come from my vacation photos.

I love bold imagery. The heaviest theme in my work is contrast. This can come from a contrast in color, or in texture. When I put just enough blue, with just enough orange, I give my paintings the energy to excite the viewer and brighten their day.

Sharing great memories an inspiring confidence and joy are my most favorite things. But just because I’d like you to know me better, here are a few of my other favorite things.

Big skies. Cultural traditions. Colorful food. Dark coffee. Reading. Fresh air. Live music. Mountain tops. Wearing overalls.

If you are furhter interested in seeing, and reading, more about me please visit my website: FloridaScarf.com