Seasoned Nuts

This might be one of the easiest holiday gifts I’ve ever “cooked up” and I guarantee you’ll use it year after year. There’s nothing like the smells of the holiday season, and rosemary walnuts seem to evoke the flavor of the holidays in a delicious and healthful snack that is perfect for both children and adults alike.

Rosemary plants are hearty to begin with, but somehow year after year, I’m truly amazed at how mine stands up to the frost. In fact some years, I haven’t brought my rosemary plant inside until January! Whether you are using fresh herbs or dried, toasting the nuts just long enough to bring out their fragrance is the perfect way to spend time getting ready for the holidays on a cold winter evening. Use a mortar and pestle to mash up fresh herbs, and sprinkle the nuts with your herb of choice, salt and pepper before toasting for about 2 minutes at 400 degrees. Be sure to watch them carefully when the oven is fully heated because nuts burn quickly! Let the nuts cool completely before jarring them and the recipient will most definitely be gracious of this heart healthy gift that can be made with love in your own kitchen!

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