Sweet Potato and Black Bean “Burger”

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burger IngredientsIt is truly amazing what just a few simple ingredients can do. I came up with this idea simply by using foods that I had laying around in my kitchen. The secret to cooking good food isn’t really a secret, it just about making the most of what you have available at any given time. With the fourth of July holiday coming up soon, many families turn to what they are comfortable with even though it might not be the healthiest choice. What can you do about it? Create the same feel, eat a plant-based “burger” on a whole grain roll with a pickle and some lettuce and tomato and suddenly, you won’t even realize you are not eating a meat burger.

This recipe really isn’t a recipe, it’s just a combination of a few ingredients!

Sweet potato (cook thoroughly in the oven or steam until tender)
Black beans (freshly soaked or canned, rinse well)
Flax seeds

I sautee the garlic in water or braggs for just a moment to take the edge off the raw garlic, then I wilt the spinach for about a minute in my sautee pan. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and shape into burger patties. You can serve immediately or freeze. These make a great staple to keep in the freezer for when you need a quick dinner in a pinch!

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