The Plant Pledge

The Plant Pledge: A Children’s Book about Eating Vegetables

The Plant Pledge is not just a book, it’s a very important educational project; it represents a way for not only children, but entire families to become more educated on how they can live healthier, happier lives simply by eating more vegetables and less processed foods.

Early childhood is an important time for building a foundation for health and wellbeing. Throughout the primary years, children are rapidly changing, growing, and developing in both ability and personality. While regular exercise has been a major focus of educational curriculums, one of the most important components of overall wellness is still often overlooked: the importance of proper nutrition.

This gorgeous illustration is the first one completed for the children’s book; it is a hand drawn, hand painted picture of a farmer’s market in Croatia. It was done by my talented illustrator, Sarah Geraci. To read more about Sarah, click here. Below is the photo that the illustration is based on. Sarah took the photo herself while traveling in Croatia. Sarah and her husband (a pilot in the U.S. Military, thank you for all you do to protect us Phil Geraci) lived in Germany for several years, affording her the unique opportunity to travel in Europe. When I saw this photo of the farmer’s market, I thought it was one of the most beautiful markets I had ever seen.


Want to learn more about Sarah and her life as an army wife? Click here to read her blog.

About the Project
Over the past 4 years, 100% of the sale of every book (A Silent Cure in my Back Yard) was dedicated to funding this children’s book project, and every book purchase is 100% deductible to you because A Silent Cure is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Thank you so much for your support in helping to make a difference in the lives of so many people simply through a love of reading.

The book is written in rhyming verse in an attempt to make it fun for both children and adults to read and appreciate.

Lets all continue to work together to stop life-threatening diseases from stripping childhood away from our future generations by educating ourselves and our children now. We all know the golden rule of good parenting is to take care of yourself and emulate the behaviors you want your children to follow. Your children eat what you put in front of them, so by simply choosing healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds, you will instill a lifetime of good habits. Join me and your local community in a sustainability effort to educate our future generations.

How it all started:
I volunteered in my daughter’s kindergarten classroom once a week for the entire school year in 2012-13, and again the following year. During National Reading Week, I wanted to bring in a book about vegetables to help encourage the children to get excited about eating healthy. I searched all over my local bookstores and the internet for a children’s book on the topic of whole food, and I couldn’t find anything that highlighted the importance of eating more vegetables and less processed foods. That was when I decided to write one myself. I know in my heart that this book will make a difference in the lives of every family that reads it, and that is the ultimate goal, to inspire people to make better choices about what they eat so they can feel better and live happier, more balanced lives. Many, many thanks for your enthusiasm and support!