The Official List of Must Have Plant-based Smartphone Aps

Smartphone ApsI admit, when I first started eating plant-based foods, there weren’t many resources around to help decipher between what was actually healthful and what was vegan. Just because it’s vegan definitely does not make it healthful (think french-fries). It’s especially difficult putting together your shopping list, because just when you think you’ve selected something moderately healthy for your kids (like Goldfish crackers over potato chips) you read the ingredient label and then realize that they are just as damaging! Ouch! Here are a 8 smartphone aps to help you in the right direction:

Whole Foods Markets Recipes
This ap allows you to sort by diet type, including vegan, and the best part is that you can type in an ingredient that you have on hand and it will provide recipes using that ingredient!

Dr. McDougall Mobile Cookbook $4.99
Low-fat, whole grain recipes abound in these healthy and delicious choices.

21-Day Kickstart (Free)
This ap was developed by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for anyone new to a vegan diet.

Animal Free (Free)
This is a great ap for reading ingredient labels, as it allows you to figure out which ingredients are derived from animal products and which are not.

Green Vegan
An ap that allows you to look up your favorite alcoholic drink to determine whether it is vegan or not.

VeganXpress $1.99
For your road trip, use this ap to find vegan options at many popular fast food and chain restaurants.

Vegan Cupcakes by Isa Moskowitz (Free)
This ap offers 75 different flavors and frostings that are all vegan.

Do Eat Raw ($0.99)
300 raw vegan recipes

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