Winter Citrus Salad

SIP-1-14-15-saladIt’s about that time, you know, for New Years Resolutions, where we move into the new year after the family celebrations that are usually focused on food…typically the kind of food that makes you feel bloated and gain weight. We now sharpen our focus, resolve to eat better and get more exercise in the coming year, but still, we find, life gets in the way. It isn’t hard to make healthy decisions if you seek out logical choices and make decisions in a realistic, down-to-earth way.

Each time I give a talk about healthy eating, I like to play a little game with the audience. I show photos of different foods to see if they can guess what those foods are. Specifically with regard to lettuces and salads, there are some greens that people think that they have never heard of before. For example, in this salad, if you break down the different lettuces, you’ll notice there is mizuna, arugula, beet leaves, endive, and radicchio. When shopping for them individually, you can usually find bunches of these peppery tasting greens at your local farmer’s market. Although if you still think you’ve never bought these lettuces before, you might instead recognize the pre-packaged bag in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store called “baby lettuces”. Nestled inside that bag of “baby lettuces” are all of the above.

I recommend staring off the new year with a really healthy, yet very easy salad recipe that can be made in 5 minutes. This winter citrus salad was inspired by local author, Amy Impellizzeri, whose fictional love story, Lemongrass Hope, offers just the right dose of magical realism and logical, down-to-earth decisions. She is part of a small group of local friends who meet up once a month to test out cutting edge, healthy recipes and chat about how to keep our families well. When her novel debuted last year, it was only fitting to serve a “lemony” salad to help her celebrate. Our little corner of the world, Berks County, plays host to so many inspirations that you can’t help but share those rare finds with the whole community.

I encourage you to use Amy’s recipe to help bring your focus back to what is most important, keeping your family well. With ingredients so simple, you’ll wonder “why didn’t I think of that?”

Winter Citrus Salad
baby lettuces, including mizuna, arugula, beet leaves, endive, and radicchio
1 grapefruit, squeeze half over the salad; remove the skin and rind, then cube or slice the rest
a drizzle of lemon infused olive oil
salt & pepper

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